Life on Pause and Sacred Moments in Grand Canyon

On a visit to Arizona, I took the tourist plunge & visited the Grand Canyon. Usually, I tour areas that are tourist free, on my time, following my rhythm and listen to the call of nature. But this time, Grandma Rosa convinced me to tour the famous Route 66 on our way to Lake Havasu, Arizona.

It appealed to me because it was a getaway to somewhere warm. Also, it was a unique opportunity to photograph life on the road, across many states in the USA and explore places I have never seen.

I packed up my kid, her bestie and joined a fellow travelling nomad (ok not really a nomad, but a well-travelled ‘nomadic’ grandma from the neighbourhood) on a cross country trip through the USA. 


We drove through a massive snow storm around the Great Lakes, and headed south west. After a minor slippery fender bender in Pennsylvania, we headed to warmer lands. But they were nowhere to be found!

– entering winter blizzard: use hazzards lights

This heavy snow blizzard covered most of the North East States for days and the snow continued all the way to Arizona.

The mountains are always calling me…and so were the canyons. They have such great spiritual power.  As we walked along the viewing areas, three priests happened to pause on life.

Their presence illuminated the spirit of the canyons. Life paused, sacred moment captured.

Spiritual mountains in grand canyon. three priests pause to take in the grandeour of nature in the grand canyon, Arizona. These are sacred moments.


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