Bello is stunning with his silver grey fur against the summer green plants

Pet Photography: How to photo LOVE your Extended Family

We love your extended fur and winged and scaled pet family, as much (if not more) than you! And, pet photography is such a joy and wonder. What can be better than capturing your favourite furball catching a frisbee in midair or rolling in joy on fresh, green grass?

Pet Photography Basics:

What to consider when photographing your pet (ok, your most favourite family member!)


  • lighting – shoot outdoors on a cloudy day (or indoors with light diffusers/reflectors) to avoid squinting
  • attention – keep their attention, offer treats/showing treats just off the camera lens side
  • patience – do tire them out with a brisk walk or run so they are ready to sit, pause, or lie down as requested 
  • focus – focus on the eyes is a must but a clear, doggo snout is what makes the photo composition just right (avoid shallow depth of field, for example less than f5.6)
  • distractions – avoid distractions from family, friends or well meaning owners (it is often easier to shoot on your own, or when the owners are out of sight, even when you are on location at their home)
  • speed – do use a fast shutter speed (1/125th), especially on darker days or working with less than optimal lighting. Also, shoot quickly and allow the subtle movements and adjustments on your pet’s face to be captured
  • special – do keep it special. Photograph your pet at their best, doing their favourite activity or catch them in the action of their most common/funny pose. 
  • resources – use the camera you have! ( YOUR phone is great.) If you want something bigger, better, brighter, check out these cameras:
  • inspiration – a picture is worth a thousand words (or ideas!) check out great photo sources, for ideas, to get your best shot.

Try these tips above and send me a comment with your success story!

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