processing life by taking time

Processing takes time

When do you take time to process life?
Processing takes time.

Do you even take the time to process life? How much is enough time? What does ‘enough time’ look like, feel like? Is it prescribed? Is it flexible? Who decides how much time is enough for you?

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We used to process photographs in many steps. It took physical passing of time, to see an image emerge. Now, the process is instantaneous. Millions of photos languish in the electronic ether. 

How many images are on your phone right now? Do you even remember most of them? Have you checked how many of the Images are almost identical?

Where and when do we process life, when all the obstacles, of obtaining just about anything we desire, have been removed?

I feel we have all been taken for a giant ride. We stand at the precipice of a new era. As I stare at an abyss, the abyss of the crumbling age of communication, I struggle to hold on to any glimpse of stability I may have left.

But what do we hold on to, when our external world is crumbling? 

How do you remember to go back into your own wisdom? Into your own core of love, knowing and understanding? I do so by writing, reading, talking, photographing, editing, telling stories, exploring nature, talking with plants and animals. That is my processing. 

How do you do it?

Journeys of life are vast, expansive and adventurous
What does your journey look like? Mine looks something like this.

Time to put time where it belongs. It belongs to you.

For now, for today: put time in its place.
Ready to take flight into a different way of living? Allow yourself time to process today.

Looking out on the horizon, can you see the future you allocating time wisely?

Processing takes time. There’s no short cut. And, there is absolutely no ‘life hack’ to processing life. 

ready and set to fly as the birds do?

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