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Gold of September perception nature photo series

This photography challenge is perspective. 

We think we see, but we don’t really see. Gold of September perception series focuses on seeing. What is truly there.  We see such a narrow, subjective portion of our life. Despite our best efforts, our everyday world is quite small. This monthly series is set to explore what is there and what is seen.

September theme:

  • gold or purple nature

In the gold of September perception series, I zoom in on a simple, non-descript forest mushroom. At first glance it just blends in with the forest floor. Upon closer inspection, I discover how the textures, the edges, the undulating lines, folds and crevices remind me so much of the images of the moon.

What you do think? does this fungi remind you of the moon?

perception nature photo series sepia tone fall mushroom looks like the moon. soft yellow floral peeks at you from the bottom corner of the frame gold of september perception nature photo series a brown mushroom of fall with a tiny yellow flower for contrast

golden brown mushroom of fall with blades of grass. gold of september perception nature photo series

What is a mushroom?

Mushrooms are neither plants nor animals.  – source:

Gold of September Perception Series

There is so much more to a fungi than we can see. Another twist to the perception of ‘gold’ this September. With current scientific analysis, we can sample the DNA of a fungi and discover that it is vastly different than its neighbour, even if they look identical.  All the more reason to not ‘sample’ mushrooms in the wild without an expert. Even look alikes are not related.

gold of september perception nature photo series exploring the texture of fungi

What makes this fungi so interesting Is the complexity under the cap. Notice how the vertical ridges are so similar to the stalagmites of mineral rich caves. In the same vein (see what I did there 😉  the underside of this mushroom is like a miniature cave. How many insects and microscopic fauna inhabit this tiny world?

How many fungi are in the woods?

So how many fungi are there in the world? That is up to you and hundreds (if not thousands) of experts to decide. Read more about this hot topic of fungi numbers in this Bradbury Science Museum blog post.

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