sunrise at marie curtis park in toronto

Photography Shows

2016-2020 Public Gallery Showing:
Alterna Bank, New Toronto Branch – 3001 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke, ON M8V 1J8

Framed – Wood Black Frame – 20×30″

Recent and past photography shows and events listed from most recent onward. As you explore the art of life, dive into my ubiquitous world of Toronto iphoneography. See more below. winner 2016 –

winning art piece: rocket ship at Fall Harvest, in Burk’s Falls 

ubiquitous Toronto iphoneography documentary show  
February 9, 2016  – April 7, 2016

The Assembly Hall
Toronto, ON  M8V 4B6

Artist Statement – Solo Show [ubiquitous Toronto iphoneography show]

As the city wakes from its slumber, in the early hours of dawn,
I set out each day to discover a new direction, a new place, a new journey.
Running along train tracks, wading through rivers, climbing walls and scrambling through fences, all with the intention of exploring the city and all it has to offer. In the process, I’ve been rewarded by happening upon surprising events such a celebration of Diwali on the shore of Lake Ontario, new art on riverside graffiti walls, friendly workers at industrial depots, and countless encounters with the rising sun. This is my story of the city on the run, an iphoneography documentary of Toronto.
Toronto is beautiful with all its parks, rivers, lake, industry, colored graffiti streets, markets.

We may know Toronto, but don’t really take time to see it.

In this project, I accepted the constraints of the small iPhone and used it to access places not available for traditional large scale, public photography: salt depots, train yards, shipping yards, railways, cargo
terminals, food terminals, the airport, and everywhere in between. All the photographs are taken between 5 and 10 am, on the go. Upon discovering something of interest, I was determined to get as close to the ‘art of life’ as I could.

In summary: get to the art.

Photography Show: Toronto on the run – standing still in time.
A show for people who love Toronto, its neighbourhoods and want to explore it all in one place.
Enjoy the:
• Industry Sector     • Graffiti Corner      • Urban Decay & Renewal
• Celebration           • The Sun Rises        • Train Station

Sneak preview – photo strips

ubiquitous-toronto-strip-sampler ubiquitous-toronto-strip-film-sampler


artist cv


2016-2020 Toronto in the Spotlight, Alterna Credit Union, Toronto
February 2016 – Ubiquitous Toronto iphoneography documentary, Assembly Hall, Toronto
2014 Wild West Landscapes, Big Guy’s, Toronto
2012 Graffiti Styles, Big Guy’s, Toronto
2010 Nature’s Portraits, Toronto Public Library Art Exhibitions, Toronto
2008 Life View, Tatsu’s, Toronto


2016 Finalist of ArtHere Toronto
2014 Through The Eyes of the Artist, Juried Art Show, Assembly Hall, Toronto
2013 Members Show, Lakeshore Arts, Toronto
2013 Art Showcase, Moniker Art Gallery, Toronto
2013 Nature’s Beauty, Painty McGee’s, Toronto
2012 Through The Eyes of the Artist, Juried Art Show, Assembly Hall, Toronto
2012 Members Show, Lakeshore Arts, Toronto
2011 Through The Eyes of the Artist, Juried Art Show, Assembly Hall, Toronto
2009 Through The Eyes of the Artist, Juried Art Show, Assembly Hall, Toronto


2013 Art Exhibition & Sale, Charity event, Phoenix Montessori Fundraiser, Toronto
2012 Art Squared, Toronto
2012 Shop the Shore, Big Guy’s, Toronto
2011 Artisan Fair, Lakeshore Arts, Toronto