Who’s side are you on? Perspectives

On a recent work break, I spotted a reflection of myself in the mirror.

Who is that? I wondered.

Do we ever really know? I mean we are so readily occupied by people and places. We are so eager to take sides, make friends, make peace, make this world a better place. But it’s a perspective isn’t it.

It is our life. You can argue it is me. Right there sitting down, drinking my coffee.

But as you look over, what you see, who you see changes. That brings me to the question: who’s side are you on?

Are you the viewer? Or, the viewee?

What perspective matters, if any. What way of viewing is the right way, if any. Are there more than two sides and if so, how many?

If you have this figured out please let me know – Here

In the meantime, I shall wait,
with a cup of coffee.

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