Holi – Celebration of Spring

Holi – tradition of celebrating spring:

“Celebrating the colors
Of our beautiful relationship,
I wish you and your family
All the bright hues of life!!”
**Have a Colorful Holi** ref link

Sometimes all you have is the phone in your pocket.

Don’t let that stop you from capturing a most wonderful moment in your life. I hope you enjoy this quick capture of iphone photos, taken as I enjoyed the welcoming of spring with this beautiful festival – Holi.

holi colour 2016 thumbs up
Thumbs up for Holi – all prints available 8×10″ starting at $65

holi colour 2016 pray
Prayer time amidst the chanting – Holi

holi colour 2016 dance 2
Put your hands up and sing the praises of celebrating Holi

holi colour 2016 yellow
Colours of Holi Festival

holi colour 2016 dance
Celebrating culture in Toronto – Holi Festival on the streets.

holi colour 2016 girl
Wave – Holi. Beautiful sharing of dance and celebration.

holi colour 2016 drum
Holi – Drummer sets the beats

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