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Moss Baby

Spanish moss is a beautiful thing.

Dangling, growing, slowly expanding and taking over with its silver hair swaying in the wind.

Seed pods ripening, bursting, floating off into to distant places.


Canada Blooms 2018 Delivers Grace, Power, Beauty

Canada Blooms 2018 Delivers Grace, Power, Beauty

Saugeen River Farm – Nature Love

Visiting a fellow farmer on her beautiful property. This photo blog post is honouring her splendour in the making, in the heart of Ontario Farm country.

A tribute to nature, beauty, cycle of life, and all things connected.

Enjoy life in the flow of the Saugeen River.


Kimberley Ontario

Yours to discover – beauty all around, but especially out in the meadows!

Bend it like nature

 In nature, we are shown the way.

Bending gracefully allows us to reach the furthest in life.

Bring the lessons and beauty of nature into your life. 

nature portraits  floral photography

bending grace tulip $95 10×7 print

floral photography

spring bouquet of life $95 8×10″ print


Hot July – Flowers Up Close and Personal

The heat of July works its magic. Flowers bloom. The bees are out in full force. Taking time to enjoy this splendour, I want to share what I love most about the hot days of July: beautiful wild flowers, up close and personal.

flowers of july 2015 red clover up close bees No.2

Bee feeding on a Red Clover – dinner time. #pollinate #clover #wildflower #insects

flowers of july 2015 red clover up close bees No.1

Red Clover is a natural sweetener. Each flower contains sugar water and can be used for the wandering soul for survival. #pollinate #clover #wildflower #insects

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