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Amherst Island Awaits

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AGO – art gallery review highlighting shadows

AGO in Toronto has a long standing display of Henry Moore sculptures.

This entry is homage to textures, shades, contrasts, rough edges and soft endings.

In 2016, AGO added the famous Claes Oldenburg burger – thus a token burger texture image had to be a part of this photostory.

Ghost like contrasting sculptured shadows, amidst the spinal archway of the AGO.
A world all of its own – AGO.

Kimberley Ontario

Yours to discover – beauty all around, but especially out in the meadows!

Spring Robin




Then and Now – Debris

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Faces of Time


time shows on the face.
time slows when we pause for thought.
our lives become etched permanently onto our faces.sosr 1







Love Squared

love-squared-graffiti-large-web-listingQuestion remains: what is love to man?

Has anyone ever truly figured out that answer?

This photo:
Part of a large graffiti message along the streets of Toronto.
This particular section is along the base, edge of the sidewalk.
What does it mean to really love? the man seems to ask.


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Art in Urban Decay

There is a subtle beauty in the decay of modern humanity.
Places destroyed, waiting. Patient. Stoic perhaps. Holding on to remnants of what was.

The past decaying into present beauty.  Art in Urban Decay.


fire on birmingham washroom out of service fire on birmingham sick wall space fire on birmingham my kind of playground fire on birmingham melted electrical fire on birmingham made in england presuure gauge 

Fresh Asparagus

fire on birmingham fresh asparagus fire on birmingham corrugated debris fire on birmingham bring your own crate No.2 fire on birmingham bring your own crate No.1

Hot July – Flowers Up Close and Personal

The heat of July works its magic. Flowers bloom. The bees are out in full force. Taking time to enjoy this splendour, I want to share what I love most about the hot days of July: beautiful wild flowers, up close and personal.

flowers of july 2015 red clover up close bees No.2

Bee feeding on a Red Clover – dinner time. #pollinate #clover #wildflower #insects

flowers of july 2015 red clover up close bees No.1

Red Clover is a natural sweetener. Each flower contains sugar water and can be used for the wandering soul for survival. #pollinate #clover #wildflower #insects

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Street Art You Dirty Rat


In the back alley parts of Liberty Village, Toronto, you will find a tucked away little old bicycle shop. Used to be an old warehouse cum furniture storage…now ready to serve all your tube and lube needs. Explore the ins and outs of ‘You Dirty Rat’ Bicycle shop.

Rat-Rod-bikes_114-Light-Face-and-CogRat-Rod-bikes_113-Shadow-FaceRat-Rod-bikes_111-Getting-Her-Water-Proofed Rat-Rod-bikes_118-Alive-where-there-is-no-lifeRat-Rod-bikes_107-Gears-Legs-Tubing Rat-Rod-bikes_106-Supply-Room Rat-Rod-bikes_104-Thistle-Jet Rat-Rod-bikes_102

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